Norns Range, Jan27-28

On Airy's North Ridge

On Airy’s North Ridge

On Sunday I sledded into the Norns Range with Tanner, Kev and little Bella to look for some good snow up the Airy Creek drainage. After a short but jarring ride up the washboarded logging road we parked the sleds and toured over Airy Mountain and down into the Russel Ck. drainage, finding some nice light snow on our way to the cabin. We dropped our heavy gear and headed up for a stellar run down to the lake.

Above Russel Lake

Above Russel Lake

On Monday we woke up to 10cm’s of fresh snow and some good weather: high cloud and clear views to the peaks, so we headed up high and bagged some fun 600m steep lines off the ridge. We rode high quality terrain all day, from big alpine features to steep trees, booters and icefall hucks, then with heavy bags skinned up to Airy’s ridge and skied an endless open run back to the sleds. It’s good to be back in the Koots.




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